Cheap Car Insurance in Washington

Even though car thefts have gone down since 2005 in the state of Washington, on a per capita basis car thefts are relatively high in the state compared to other states in the nation. On a more positive note, the cost of car insurance in the Evergreen State is below average, according to The annual cost in 2016 in the state is $1,168, whereas the national average is $1,325.

Trying to wade through the maze that is automobile insurance rates to find the best deal can be challenging for anyone. It can feel as though you’re at the mercy of the car insurance companies and you have to take whatever they are offering. That’s not the case. There are ways you can get the upper hand and save at least a few dollars off the cost of premiums each year.

The first thing you need to arm yourself with when you journey into the world of auto insurance is an understanding of what coverage you need. Many insurance companies have a wide range of policies, and oftentimes agents will try to sell you the most comprehensive one they offer. The reason is simple: they make more money by selling these policies, so it stands to reason that if they can lure you into buying a more expensive one, it means more money in their pocket.

You need to first think about what would happen if you are to be in an accident that is your fault. How much coverage would you need to adequately protect yourself, repair or replace your automobile, and cover any medical expenses that may be related to an accident? When you are presented with the features of a policy, these are critical questions to ask yourself.

The premiums you pay will be determined by the coverage you receive, as well as by your driving record, the vehicle you drive, your location, and the distance that you drive, among other things. Obviously, someone who drives in a major metropolitan area and has numerous speeding violations won’t enjoy the same low rates as someone who drives rurally and has never been ticketed. If you have a baseline idea of what you should be paying, you can then negotiate with an insurance agent who can come to terms with your situation. Be realistic in your goals and you’ll find affordable rates.

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