Cheap Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, all drivers must have auto insurance coverage. The minimum requirements in the Keystone State are:

•$15,000 for bodily injury per person per accident.

•$30,000 total for bodily injury per accident.

•$5,000 property harm liability protection.

While these are minimum coverage levels, most drivers will need much better coverage. The price of medical treatment, lost wages, car repairs, and different damages can easily cost a whole lot of money following an accident. Additionally, when financing a car, lenders sometimes will require that car buyers obtain additional coverage.

Drivers in Pennsylvania who do not have car insurance face fines of at least $300, a three-month driver’s license suspension, as well as vehicle impoundment. Additionally, drivers are required to have proof of insurance on them if stopped by police.

Full Tort and Restricted Tort Insurance

Restricted tort auto insurance does not cover babies harmed in an automobile accident. The insurance coverage service does, then again, make exceptions to the no-guilt rule on infants, depending upon the severity of the infant’s injuries sustained in the auto accident.

Full tort auto insurance coverage pays a monetary award for pain and injuries due to an auto accident. It also permits the policyholder unrestricted rights to file a lawsuit due to an auto accident.

In the state of Pennsylvania, it may be worthwhile to get full tort auto insurance coverage, although it is 15 percent more expensive than limited tort auto insurance. However, by evaluating rates from different insurance companies, drivers may find reasonable rates.

If a driver is deemed to be at fault in an accident, the damages due to the accident are what his or her insurance pays out. The driver, however, may be sued for harm above the policy limits. As a result, it is crucial for drivers to consider purchasing coverage above the minimum requirements in case of such a costly accident.

Medical and automobile repair expenses are the last things an individual convalescing from an auto accident wants to think about. However, these can become a big problem following an accident with inadequate or no insurance. Peace of mind is just as important as physical health.

If a driver avoids getting citations, his or her premiums will usually go down. Even though it may be a tough process at times, finding a cheap car insurance plan that gives you coverage that brings peace of mind is doable. Start your shopping today by getting a free quote at the top of this page! We aim to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you.