Cheap Car Insurance in Montana

Montana is giant state with beautiful open vistas and hundreds of miles of roads. For drivers of the Treasure State who wish to save money on car insurance, there is an easy way to find a cheap plan: Shopping online to compare quotes from reputable websites such as can bring substantial savings and peace of mind, and can be done from the comfort of one’s own home.

Auto insurance is required by law for drivers in Montana. Drivers have a wide variety of options due to the numerous companies competing for business. Driving without insurance can potentially lead to an arrest or revocation of one’s license, so it’s just not a smart thing to do. Besides, having car or vehicle insurance will bring peace of mind that you can’t place a value on. Additionally, there are plenty of cheap car insurance plans available that may fit within your budget.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Montana

Montana laws require drivers to have at least $25,000 protection for one person in case of injury or death, $50,000 protection for two or more people in case of injury or death, and at least $10,000 for damage to a vehicle or property. Residents of the state must show proof of insurance, registration, and a driver’s license if stopped by police.

Montana does not require collision and comprehensive coverage, however lending companies sometimes do. If a car is being financed, the lender may ask for proof of collision insurance to minimize the risk of default in case the car is wrecked in an accident. Choosing this kind of protection may require some due diligence to find which insurance company provides the best value along with the most favorable deductible.

When comparing online insurance coverage fees, drivers should look at the deductible amounts on collision insurance coverage. The deductible is the amount the policyholder will have to pay out of pocket if he or she has an accident before the insurance coverage kicks in. For instance, assuming a policy has a $500 deductible, if a policyholder is involved in a collision and there’s $1,000 in property harm, the policyholder will have to pay $500 and the insurer may cover the rest.

To conclude, residents of Montana should be intelligent about purchasing auto insurance and should shop around. If you reside in this beautiful state, you can start right now by getting your free car insurance quote at the top of this website! We only work with trustworthy providers with a track record of leaving consumers satisfied.