Cheap Car Insurance in Minnesota

By law, drivers in Minnesota must have car insurance. Though finding cheap car insurance can be dreadful at times, it’s now easier than ever by evaluating quotes from reputable and trusted websites such as AutoInsuranceWorld.Net.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

All drivers in the Land of 10,000 Lakes must have at least $30,000 in coverage for bodily injury per person, $60,000 for bodily injury per accident, and $10,000 for property damage per accident. Minnesota is a no-fault state, which means insurance must offer protection to drivers regardless of fault in an accident. This type of coverage is also referred to as personal injury protection, or PIP. This covers drivers for at least $20,000 in medical expenses and $20,000 in loss of income. If you are a passenger in someone else’s car during an accident, you will be covered by your own PIP coverage. Passengers of your car, on the other hand, will be covered by their own insurer.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage are also required in the state, given that some drivers refuse to abide by the insurance laws. The mandatory coverage is $25,000 per person per accident, and $50,000 for more than one person per accident. This coverage helps defray damages in an accident by providing coverage on top of the PIP.

All drivers in Minnesota must have proof of insurance. Not having proof of insurance is regarded as a misdemeanor. Those convicted of driving without insurance face possible jail time, a minimum $200 fine, and revocation of their driver’s license and vehicle registration. Minnesota is strict about drivers having insurance compared to other states.

Choosing the Right Amount of Protection

Many drivers opt for protection that exceeds the minimum limits for a variety of reasons, such as a lender requiring it for a vehicle or for peace of mind. Insurers offer many optional features to suit the individual needs of policyholders. When it comes to auto insurance, there is no one-size-fits-all policy.

Among the optional forms of coverage are collision, comprehensive, rental, and roadside assistance. Collision insurance provides additional coverage in case of damage to your vehicle in an accident; comprehensive insurance covers non-traffic related damage such as vandalism or theft; rental insurance covers you in case you need to rent a car; and roadside assistance covers you in case you require assistance while on the road, such as due to your car not starting, a flat tire, or locking yourself out of your car.

You can start your search for cheap car insurance in Minnesota by getting your free quote at the top of this page. We only offer auto insurance from trusted companies, and aim to take some of the headache away from this process. The peace of mind we offer is well worth it.