Cheap Car Insurance in Louisiana

Louisiana requires drivers to have car insurance. Did you know that if you are stopped for any reason and cannot show proof of auto insurance, the officer who stopped you has the power to physically remove your car’s license plate right then and there and impound your car? And did you know that if you can’t show proof of auto insurance within three days your license plates can be destroyed?

Don’t risk that happening. Instead learn how to get cheap car insurance in Louisiana and rest easy every night. Luckily there are some simple things you can do that will help to lower the cost of your car insurance. Below are some tips for residents of the Pelican State:

1. Pay your premium automatically each month out of your checking account.

2. Park your car in a garage at night. This will reduce the risk of theft.

3. Cut down on your driving. If possible, use public transportation for the majority of your “driving” and leave your car parked at home. If you can lower your monthly driving to below 500 miles per month, you may qualify for a substantial low-mileage discount.

4. Don’t file a bunch of small claims. If you can go six to twelve months without filing a claim, you may qualify for a good driver discount.

5. Join or start a carpool at work. Did you know that a portion of your monthly premium is based on the number of times you drive back and forth to work every month? If you can cut that number in half, then you will qualify for a discount on your car insurance.

6. Likewise, if you retire or stop driving to work for any other reason, let your agent know. You could save quite a bit on your car insurance every month.

7. See if you can find group car insurance. Often your place of employment may offer its workers low-cost group car insurance. But even if your work doesn’t offer such coverage, you still may be able to find it through one of the clubs, organizations, associations or groups to which you or a friend or a family member belong.

8. If you are married, listing the wife as the primary driver and the husband as the secondary driver will save you money. Generally, men are considered a higher risk.

9. Some companies will give you a discount if you purchase and use a simple steering wheel locking device. Talk to your agent about other simple and inexpensive anti-theft devices that could save you money month after month.

10. If you have AAA or if you have a credit card that provides for free towing, then don’t bother to pay for towing through your car insurance.

11. If your car is an older model, especially one that no longer has much Kelly Blue Book value, drop your collision and comprehensive coverage and put aside what you save for a newer car.

12. Increasing your deductible will save you money on your premiums. Just don’t agree to pay a larger deductible than you can actually afford to pay.

By following these tips, you can take action to ensure you are getting the lowest rates possible for auto insurance. You can begin saving today by getting your free quote at the top of this page at