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Everybody in Hawaii wants to obtain low cost auto insurance. However, of equal importance is the understanding of what these insurance policies actually cover. The coverage of a particular policy may not meet the needs of some drivers. Also, the deductible amount for collisions or other types of accidents must be considered, among other features of a policy. Simply picking a policy based on its cost may expose some drivers to what they may ultimately find to be inadequate coverage.

Hawaii Auto Insurance Requirements

Hawaii law states that each driver must have liability insurance that covers no less than $20,000 in injury expenses per person if an accident is occur. The policy should also cover $40,000 or more for the overall injury costs per accident, and at least $10,000 protection for injury to another vehicle or private property. Similar to other states, Hawaii requires drivers to have their insurance identification card in their vehicles at all times.

Hawaii, being a “no-fault” state, requires insurers to pay for the injuries of drivers and their passengers. A resident of Hawaii also cannot be sued for an accident unless serious injuries are involved. However, drivers are responsible for damage to vehicles and property, and thus the driver found to be at fault is liable for such expenses according to the laws.

Teen Drivers in Hawaii

Six months after a teen turns 16, he or she can obtain a learner’s permit in the state. However, this comes with some restrictions: The teen driver must be accompanied by someone at least 21 years of age or a parent or guardian. A normal license can be granted at the age of 17 assuming certain requirements are met.

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