Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia

According to, the average auto insurance cost in Georgia for 2016 is $1,559 per year, placing the Peach State twelfth in rank nationwide for cost. This is above the national average of $1,325, though significantly lower than Michigan, the most expensive state, with a cost of $2,738. Although car insurance in Georgia is slightly above the national average, there are still some ways to decrease your monthly bill. The internet also makes it easier to find a cheap plan that meets your coverage needs. Below are some tips for residents of the Peach State.

Make sure you drive safely. This should be obvious, but in a rush to get somewhere drivers sometimes put themselves at risk for tickets that may raise their insurance premiums and cost them court fees. Avoid texting and driving, as, similar to alcohol, this is increasingly the cause of accidents due to distracting drivers. Texting and driving endangers the lives of drivers and others on the road. By driving safely and gaining a good reputation as a driver, your insurer may be able to reduce your monthly premiums by classifying you as a safe driver.

Make sure you keep track of your miles. If you find a job closer to where you live or reduce your driving substantially, you may be entitled to reduced premiums from your insurer. Generally, the more policyholders drive, the more they are considered a liability or risk to insurance companies.

If you own more than one vehicle or have a family with more than one vehicle, consider insuring them with the same insurer to get a potential discount. Oftentimes, a family car insurance plan can bring substantial savings to each driver. Also, some insurers will provide a discount for those who insure their vehicles and obtain other forms of insurance through the company. Talk to your agent to find if your insurer offers these discounts.

Most importantly, drivers in Georgia should shop around for the best prices. Websites such as empower consumers by giving them the ability to access a free car insurance quote from trusted insurance companies. So take advantage of this opportunity and get your free quote at the top of this page!