About Us

AutoInsuranceWorld.net, acquired in April 2016, aims to allow consumers to obtain affordable auto insurance online from reputable companies. We only deal with highly trusted companies with a history of meeting and exceeding industry standards.

We are in a new era that has brought greater transparency and choice for consumers. Today, consumers can easily access advice from experts and reviews from other consumers from the comfort of their homes using a computer or smartphone. Best of all, this information is freely available. This is very empowering to consumers.

We offer valuable tips and information to consumers in all 50 states of the country. We also have articles for each state to provide more individualized content for our visitors throughout the country. The fact is that each state has specific requirements for drivers, so we aim to provide our clients with information they must take into account to make sure they are meeting them. We also believe that consumers can make the best choice when they are informed about the laws and the industry.

Additionally, we understand that price is not the only criterion for consumers when purchasing car insurance. Different drivers, based on personal preferences or income, may be comfortable with various levels of coverage. The reputation of a company based on its level of customer service or integrity is also important for many of our clients.

Though auto insurance may be seen as a burden by some due to its cost, particularly in some states, it is a requirement in most parts of the United States. Looked at another way, it protects consumers from taking a massive financial hit should they be involved in an accident. Having such insurance can therefore bring peace of mind that far outweighs its cost. We therefore believe the industry serves a noble purpose that is socially beneficial.

We have been expanding our presence online, and can be found on various social media. You may want to visit our About.Me page, which provides links to our social media.

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